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Composted Manure

Our LS Manure has the US Composting Seal of Testing Assurance. STA Compost products meet all related product quality and testing requirements prescribed by state and/or federal regulations assuring that you purchase a safe eco-friendly product.

 Wood shaving based dairy manure is the raw product that we process on our licensed composting facility. This process is what kills weed seeds and pathogens to give you a very consistent, quality product.

LS Manure...

  • supplies valuable nutrients and organic matter to soil
  • improves soil structure, improving the porosity and bulk density to ensure a healthier root environment
  • increases the water holding capacity of soil, reducing watering needs
  • stabilizes pH and improves the soil’s ability to hold nutrients
  • can help in binding and degrading specific pollutants
  • virtually weed free and odorless

Composted Manure

Composted manure is a fine soil additive you can use in your flower or vegetable garden as well as potting or planting shrubs and trees.